Radar Verde aims to give visibility to consumers and companies committed to reducing deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. It indicates, once a year, the performance of policies against deforestation of two key links in the chain that connect beef consumers to livestock farms: slaughterhouses, which buy and slaughter cattle, and supermarkets/ retailers, which sell the beef to end consumers.

Radar Verde has developed indicators that aim to demonstrate the existence, effectiveness, and transparency of corporate policies against deforestation. The indicators, sources of information, and measurement are summarized in Table 1 (slaughterhouses) and Table 2 (supermarkets), pages 04 and 05 of the methodology.

Radar Verde’s results are widely disseminated in a report on the project's online platform, through the press, social media, and events. Therefore, Radar Verde provides an independent source of information for the several concerned parties interested in reducing deforestation associated with cattle ranching, including consumers, investors, beef processors and retailers, and cattle producers. The result offers the opportunity for choices that value companies with better performance. os consumidores, investidores, processadores e varejistas de carne e produtores de gado. O resultado oferece a oportunidade de escolhas que valorizem as empresas com melhor desempenho.