Radar Verde evaluates the level of chain control on deforestation through questionnaires sent to slaughterhouses and supermarkets.

The questionnaire sent to slaughterhouses addresses the policies that the company applies to verify its direct and indirect cattle suppliers. Direct suppliers are those that sell cattle directly to slaughterhouses. Company policies to ensure compliance with socioenvironmental legislation are usually limited to direct cattle suppliers. Indirect suppliers are farms that do not sell cattle directly to slaughterhouses, that is, they do not sell cattle for slaughter. These farms are part of other stages of the animal's life cycle. From birth to slaughter, during its breeding, rearing, and fattening phases, the cattle pass through at least three farms. 

The questionnaire sent to the supermarkets addresses the policies that the company uses to verify whether their beef suppliers (slaughterhouses) adopt policies for verifying farms, both direct and indirect cattle suppliers.

In both cases, the questionnaires seek evidence of a policy against deforestation and its performance.

Do you want to know what Radar Verde asked companies this year? Download the questionnaires below and find out.