A new survey highlights that 95% of the largest retailers in Brazil and 92% of slaughterhouses do not demonstrate that they have chain control.

A new survey highlights that 95% of the largest retailers in Brazil and 92% of slaughterhouses in the Brazilian Amazon have very low control over their livestock chain. Created by the Radar Verde index, this information reflects the Level of Public Transparency, which results from the assessment of companies’ public data on their websites. In 2023, the survey identified 132 slaughterhouses in the Brazilian Amazon and 69 potential retailers that purchase beef in the region. 

In this indicator, the slaughterhouse Marfrig and the retailer Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA) are the only ones that demonstrated that they have an intermediate level of chain control, according to the score category performed by Radar Verde.

The 132 slaughterhouses were identified in State Inspection Service (SIE) and Federal Inspection Service (SIF) records operating in the Brazilian Amazon. As for the nine supermarkets, 50 correspond to the largest retail chains, according to the Brazilian Supermarkets Association (Abras) revenue ranking, and 19 of them are the largest supermarkets in the states of the Brazilian Amazon. To evaluate these companies, Radar Verde adopted three indicators in 2023:

  • Level of Chain Control evaluates policies against deforestation and their performance indicators. In this assessment, we verified the companies’ policies and indicators for controlling cattle origin (direct and indirect). We used a questionnaire to assess the effectiveness of the company’s policies and the availability of external audit information.
  • Level of Public Transparency assesses whether the information available on the websites of the mapped companies reveals the policy against deforestation in the beef chain and whether its effectiveness is proven through an external audit.  We assessed this indicator using the same questionnaire used o evaluate the Level of Chain Control.
  • Level of Exposure to Deforestation assesses the level of exposure of slaughterhouses to deforestation risks within their potential cattle purchasing zones. Deforestation risks include previous deforestation, areas embargoed due to illegal deforestation, and the risk of near-future deforestation.

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