Establishments that market beef directly to consumers. They should have responsible policies regarding beef purchase and demand from slaughterhouses (whose beef they purchase) the proof of compliance with those rules. The goal is that supermarkets become able to guarantee that the beef they sell to their consumers did not cause deforestation in the Amazon during the entire production cycle.

In order to answer the questionnaire about the efficiency of their beef purchase policies, Radar Verde has invited 70 supermarkets, 50 of which correspond to the largest retailers in the country (according to the 2021 ranking of the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets - ABRAS) and 20 are local retailers within the states of the Legal Amazon.

The BIG Group – which ranked third in ABRAS 2020 ranking, but did not answer the last survey – is also among the companies that were invited to answer the questionnaire.

The result of Radar Verde indicator will show how sound the supermarket policies are and if they are able to guarantee the social and environmental monitoring of all of the links in the beef production chain. 

Check out below the list of 70 supermarket chains: 70 redes de supermercados:

A.C.D.A Importação e Exportação
A.r. Filho & Cia
A.s. Aguiar & Cia
Atakarejo Distribuidor de Alimentos e Bebidas
Casa Nossa
Cema Central Mineira Atacadista
Cia. Beal De Alimentos (Festval)
Companhia Sulamericana de Distribuição
COOP Cooperativa De Consumo
D’Avó Supermercados
Formosa Supermercados & Magazine
GMGB Holding e Participações (Supermercados Mambo)
Hilário José Weiller (Ouro Verde)
Jad Zogheib & Cia (Confiança Supemercados)
L&G Alimentos do Brasil
Líder Comércio e Indústria
Luiz Tonin Atacadista e Supermercados
Mart Minas Distribuição
Multi Formato Distribuidora (Supermercado Super Nosso)
Mundialmix Comércio de Alimentos
Pague Menos Comércio de Produtos Alimentícios
R.M.C. Comércio de Alimentos
Rachel Loiola & Cia
Realmar Distribuidora (Extrabom)
São Cristóvão Investimentos e Participações (Big Box Supermercados)
Sdb Comércio de Alimentos (Comper)
Silva e Barbosa Comércio de Alimentos
Supermercado Cidade
Supermercado Paulista
Supermercado Queiróz
Supermercados BH Comércio de Alimentos
Supermercados Cavicchiolli (Supemercado São Vicente)
Supermercados Jaú Serve
Unidasul Distribuidora Alimentícia
V.M.J. Comércio De Produtos Alimentícios (Mega Supermercado)